Texas Wrongful Death and Personal Injury Cases

Texas Wrongful Death and Personal Injury

Our Lawyers handle Industrial Plant Fires, Explosion, and Accident Lawsuits on behalf of killed and injured workers and their families.wrongful death Attorneys

Our attorneys are Double Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Civil Trial Law and Personal Injury Trial Law.

Our Law Firm handles cases involving accidents that occur in fertilizer plants, paper mills, lumber mills, manufacturing plants, petrochemical plants, refineries, oil tanker facilities, gas plants, and a variety of other industrial plants. These cases may involve industrial fires, plant explosions, or chemical discharges.

Deaths and Burn Injuries are common injuries in industrial and chemical plant explosions. Our Law firm represents the families of people killed or seriously injured by industrial plant fires and explosions.

Unfortunately, industrial plant accidents, explosions, and fires can occur when safety rules are not strictly enforced and when employers and facility operators place profits above the safety of workers. Industrial facilities can present numerous hazards to employees and contractors working in plants, so it is extremely important that strict safety rules are enforced, particularly the safety rules required by OSHA.work place accidental death lawyers

Our Law Firm has substantial experience working on cases involving industrial accidents and explosions where workers are injured or killed. If you have been injured in an industrial plant fire, explosion, or accident, our Law Firm can help you evaluate your claim and bring a claim or lawsuit for damages on your behalf against the operators of the plant and any other responsible parties. We don’t charge a fee unless you recover. Contact our Law Firm today for a free consultation.

Straight Teeth With Invisalign Trays

Straight Teeth without Braces can be achieved by following some smart strategies. One such effective technique is Invisalign, which is indeed a major breakthrough in the field of dental care. Through this method the cosmetic dentist rectifies your misaligned teeth devoid of the usage of unappealing metal braces.orthodontics

Computer technology is utilized to plan a sequence of invisible aligner that can be worn for the entire day.Advantages Since the aligner is translucent, your appearance can be conserved and at the same time can rectify your teeth. Since the aligners are detachable, you can drink and eat whatever you desire. Because of the detachable aligner, the brushing & flossing procedure is made simple. When compared to the braces, the clear aligners are very comfy No one will know that you are undergoing dental treatment and within a year’s time you can have a radiant wonderful smile.For what kind of dental issues is this treatment ideal?
This treatment of getting straight teeth without Braces is appropriate if you are a person suffering fromOverly crowded teethAn under bitesA cross biteAn overbiteBroadly spaced teethHow much time is required for this treatment?In order to get the Invisalign’s complete results, it takes a nine to eighteen month to get cured. During the treatment period, you will shift to an innovative aligner somewhat different from the previous one roughly each 2 weeks. Your teeth will be shifted to a new position in a steady and natural manner.Dissimilar to the conventional braces, the Invisalgin clear braces are removable.
It is indeed an excellent news as this method will prove comfort while brushing your teeth and taking your food. However the Straight Teeth withoutBraces treatment’s success relies on how long you frequently wear the aligners.Can an individual adhere to this treatment?One of the most excellent advantages of this Invisalign treatment is your aligners can be removed so as to take your food in a comfortable manner. But prior to re-fixing your aligners it is essential to properly clean your aligner and your teeth. clear braces - invisalign

If you are in the habit of frequently snacking all the time, or happen to be careless, then the treatment will not be effective. When the treatment is finished, and in order to have a fresh smile, you still require to sport a fresh aligner for each 2 weeks.The Invisalign removable aligners are actually revolutionary and it will definitely be beneficial for several individuals in the forthcoming years. Hence if you feel shy in wearing permanent retainers or clear and unappealing metal braces, then the Invisalign braces can be your ideal solutions for the appropriate smile and straight teeth.
Significant benefits:
One of the major advantages of getting Invisalign is it is almost not to be seen. You also will have less number of checkups. When evaluated with the braces, the Invisalign trays have prompt and fast efficiency. It is hassle free and simple procedure.
In general the Straight Teeth without Braces helps in beautifying your face without undergoing much complicated procedures.

Bay Area Personal Injury Lawyer

Can You Suffer a Workplace Injury on the Way to Work?

By Brett Burlison

Let’s say you are on your way to work in San Francisco (or any part of the Bay Area), and you injure yourself in the parking lot outside your workplace. Can you claim your injury is a workplace injury and file an appropriate legal or workers compensation action as a result?personal injury attorneys

Well, normally the answer would be no. Many states have what’s known as a “coming and going” rule. The rule works like this. Workers compensation system precludes coverage for injuries that a worker suffers while they are commuting to and from work.

Injury attorneys in San Francisco and all over the country have grumbled at the unfair nature of this law for years. And to personal injury attorneys like myself, it is easy to see how when a person is injured on their way to work, but for their work they wouldn’t have been injured. Well, normally we simply loose that fight.

However, the Supreme Court in Nebraska just ruled in favor of a worker who was injured while walking to work through a parking lot just as he had done every day. The ruling allows the employee’s suit to go forward in Nebraska but it is a win for common sense and for workers everywhere.

If the case goes forward and the injury victim is able to prevail, other courts and other states may take a closer look at this rule that has been harming workers for years.

We need more common sense rulings from Courts here in the San Francisco Bay Area in order to ensure workplace injuries are treated as workplace injuries, even when they take place on the way to work.accident injury Lawyers

Brett A. Burlison, is a personal injury attorney in San Francisco

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